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Kelley and The Cowboys: Home

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Kelley and The Cowboys are a 5 piece band from NC, led by female vocalist Kelley Breiding. The band puts their signature sound on the old standards as well as original music, in a style influenced by early forms of western swing, rockabilly, country, and blues. Kelley and The Cowboys always excite the crowd with their high energy and amazing musicianship no matter what the musical tastes or age of the listeners may be. How do they do it? With Kelley's mesmerizing vocals and barn burner attitude, the swinging tag team of guitar and fiddle, thrilling feats on the upright bass, and the nostalgic sound of dueling arch-top guitars. When you pair all this with a relentless dance beat, it's a real dream for those who are out to scoot their boots. Having played the East coast club and festival scene for years now, they have really made a name for themselves as one of the greatest dance bands around. Ya'll come!!

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