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Kelley and The Cowboys: Bio

Kelley Breiding - Band Leader, Vocalist

A native of NC, Kelley Breiding has been hailed by many as "the new queen of country music" and this "girl with the big voice" is ready to try and hold court. After a childhood of singing and playing the piano, it was only later on, when she began teaching herself guitar at 19, that music became her main focus. In 2001, Kelley began making a name for herself as an award winning Banjo player and member of the Old-Time band, Back-Step, and after forming Kelley and The Cowboys in 2005, quickly became known for her soaring voice as well. With a firm grasp on the old country standards, Kelley enjoys writing songs in that same tradition and whether she brings new or old songs to the jukebox, they all that have that hypnotic, timeless sound. Kelley has also performed with several well known artists such as Donna The Buffalo, Peter Rowan, and Deacon John, and has also shared the bill with Dale Watson, The Quebe Sisters, and Ralph Stanley.

Ray Wood - Guitar

Ray Wood has played the guitar professionally for over half a century and has performed around the world. He plays everything from bebop to doo-wop and has toured with acts such as Hot Club Sandwich, The Coasters, and the Louvin Brothers. As one of the most revered guitarists in the Northwest, Ray is a regular instructor at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and the Wintergrass Academy.

Joel Savoy - Fiddle

Joel Savoy is the son of well known Cajun musicians Marc and Ann Savoy, and has been raised among all of the greats in Cajun music. As a baby Joel sat in Dewey Balfa’s lap as he played the fiddle, he played with the legendary fiddlers Dennis McGee and Wade Fruge. As a young boy he played fiddle in his own Cajun band, Jeunes Gens de la Prairie and later founded and toured with the Cajun/gypsy group The Red Stick Ramblers. For many years he has played throughout the world with many acts including The Savoy Family Band, Michael Doucet, Ann Savoy and The Sleepness Knights, and Joel appears on several recordings. He sidelines as a recording engineer, having set up a recording studio in his grandfather’s outdoor kitchen, He is seen as an upcoming star in the field of Cajun music; having already recorded five grammy nominated albums. Joel has also appeared in the movie and on the soundtrack of “Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”.

Matt Sircely - Mandolin

Matt Sircely is an innovator in a new generation of mandolinists. As a teaching assistant at Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and The Mandolin Symposium, Matt hads worked along revered musicians such as David Grisman and Paul Anastasio. In addition to his solo work, Matt plays with Hot Club Sandwich, and has toured with Margot Leverett, David Jacobs-Strain Band, and the Klezmer Mountain Boys.

Nick McMillian - Bass

Nick Mcmillian is the son of well known NC guitar player, Chester Mcmillian and the grandson of the Old Time Banjo legend, Dix Freeman. Nick learned to play many instruments at a young age and was touring around the country playing mandolin by age 8, with Greg Hooven and Back-Step, at venues such as The National Folk Festival, and Merlefest and playing alongside great musicians such as Peter Rowan and Tim O'Brian. At age 12, Nick was touring with The Moose Family Singers as an upright bass player and, by 13, Nick had began playing fiddle, and eventually became the new leader of Back-Step in 2001. Today, Nick is the leader and fiddler of the Award winning Old Time Band, Back-Step, as well as a founding member of Kelley and The Cowboys.

Glenn Fields - Drums

A veteran of the Baton Rouge music scene, Glenn Fields has a reputation as a solid, versatile drummer, earning him work with many successful groups, including the Red Stick Ramblers, The Racines, the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band, and the Bluerunners. An avid music collector, Mr. Fields draws inspiration from the diverse sounds of his wide-ranging library, including jazz and blues, as well as punk and rock. His dynamic, driving rhythms are at the heart of that danceable sound, and he counts Ray Charles' country records as one of the main influences on his own style.